Thursday, 10 February 2011

A talking-to

I came inside from feeding the sheep the other morning and caught sight of myself in the mirror.

What a state!
Hatty-hair, covered in bits of hay, wearing R's tatty old padded shirt that makes me look like a tartan Christmas pudding, grubby jeans and wellies.
Here I am in my winter plumage.

Practical, but good grief. Not day in, day out for three months or more. Time for a bit of a talking-to.

Time to get a grip, woman. Time, at least, to wear your own clothes - you know, the ones that actually fit you. You have been wearing R's waterproof in the rain since he died. That's two and a half years in a coat at least three sizes too big. Come on now, it really wouldn't hurt to go shopping - would it?

And about that hair.
Go on. Pick up the phone and make an appointment. Your hair looks quite nice when it's short and cut properly. Then you won't need to cover it up with a woolly hat that makes you look like a bag lady. And I hate to say it, but are you really mentally prepared to look quite that grey? Why not use that box of colour that has been sitting in the bathroom drawer for months? Just for a bit of a boost.

And while you're at it, how about a touch of lippy next time you venture into civilisation? Probably a good idea to check the use-by dates first if you want to avoid some noxious infection due to wearing out-of-date cosmetics.

Or a skirt, perhaps. You know, those things at the far recesses of the wardrobe that are a dim and distant memory. You do have legs, you know, and they aren't too dreadful. Although you might want to take a razor to them first. I'm sure you remember how to do that.

This is your Vanity talking to you. There was a time when you paid me a lot more attention and I like to think you scrubbed up reasonably well when you did. Go on. Pick up the phone. Oh, and make that dentist appointment while you're at it.

Just think of it as another decluttering project, if that makes you feel better.

(This picture just makes me laugh. J the sheep whisperer is humiliated by her ovine charges yet again!)


  1. Ha, ha, I can relate though I do try and dress up a little for Sundays. Dark leggings cover a multitude of hair. My girl friend makes sure I keep my hair trim. Gray is okay if kept short. I haven't dyed my hair in years ... I went gray young. Speaking of age, I'm 57 today. My oh my! I can hardly believe it. I look at other 50+ people and think, gee their old ... and I'm often older. Funny how one gets stuck seeing themselves about 30 some odd.

  2. J I'm not a girly girl but I know what you mean about a haircut. Go for it.

  3. i love it. the photos are beautiful. i have to save my money and come visit. i had the early shift and when i got off work yesterday, i found my car pulling into the shopping center where there was a SuperCuts. i got my hair all cut off. pixie style now. i even bought some mousse/gel stuff to give it "lift and body." maybe now i won't look like an old crone when i do the birthday parties for the children at Build-A-Bear where i work. i like the cut. i still have the tired, little bit of a 1000 yard stare in my eyes but i did something about my hair and i have lost some weight.

    i think my Dragon would still think i am pretty enough.

    thank you for sharing, J. Traveling Bunny can hardly wait to meet you and see the place. she should be leaving Canada soon to go visit Boo. then on to Wales! please take lots of photos of her there for me. i wish you peace.

  4. AH, barn clothes and hat head. I can get away with wearing matt's clothes, because we are a similar size (especially now) - but even typing that, I can hear the ol' vanity voice saying "getting away with is not the same as actually suiting you...." And barn clothes are lovely for the barn, which I am Not In more hours than I am. I am going to blame it on Winter Plumage, as you said, knowing full well my summer plumage is just fewer layers of the same ensemble.

  5. great post .... and I so identify with it. I shaved my legs for the first time in godknows how long last wkend!