Monday, 14 March 2011

Running to stand still

It is a real struggle to keep up with everything at this time of year.

Clients have their end of year budget to use up, so are sending me work like there's no tomorrow. This is also a busy time for me family-wise, with a whole spate of birthdays coming in quick succession. The Facebook experiment has been declared an Official Failure, so has been shut down to the merest skeleton presence (although it did turn up one friend from university I lost touch with years ago, which was nice).

And the garden is waking up.
Every spare moment seems to be spent digging, and I have only just started to sow my seeds. Normally the windowsills are filling up by now. I feel as though I am pedalling at full tilt, but the chain has fallen off so I am getting nowhere.

So is it any wonder that I have to enlist a little help to get the job done?


  1. what breed are those beauties?? Gorgeous. I'm sure they are stepping delicately in there, avoiding damage to all perennials, and also tilling up in nice orderly furrows. I think you've already mentioned it at some point, but are you lambing this year?

  2. Welsh sheep are much better looking than Australian sheep -- and apparently more useful.

  3. Megan, the horned ones are Hebrideans. The polled ones are H x Black Welsh Mountain (only BWM rams have the horns). I think they are rather pretty too and they think they are goats!
    I'm not lambing this year sadly. I was really late getting the tup in 2009, so they didn't lamb until early June last year. Thought I'd let them have a rest this year, but I will miss the lambs.

  4. I empathize J, so busy too ... but I reckon your sheep might have more emotional intelligence than some peeps I deal with ... LOL. xxx

  5. Makes me glad to hear they think they're goats. I tend to lean towards goats over sheep, and yours are the first girls of the ovine kind I love on first sight.

  6. J - just sending you love today. These dates have a way of bringing the rawness back into our grief. Happy Birthday, R xxx