Friday, 4 March 2011

Information overload

So, after much prodding from various people, I set up a Facebook account.

Oh my. Now my head is about to explode. I'm not sure my poor widow brain can cope with exponential messages. Who are all these people, and why do they want to talk to me all at once?

Maybe I should crawl back into my cave and evolve for a little longer!


  1. I'm on Facebook but don't say much on it myself ... I'm there mostly to keep up with the younger set.

  2. Good luck J! I have a Facebook account but couldn't see the point of it. People "liked" it when someone said "Mel rocks." Huh?

  3. Ha. I found it entertaining for awhile, back in my before life, whilst chained to a desk and computer. It was nice to connect with two people I still like from earlier in my life and had lost their email addresses. Otherwise - phht. Don't see the interest. I mostly use it to check in with/on my step-son.

  4. I love that advert for wine where the man say I have 495 'friend' on facebook and non of them are in this room. I do have a FB account, to keep up with the family, spread over the globe. The girls message me with pictures of the children, at all hours of the day or night. The boys just to tell me they are still alive.
    Don't let it rule you,it's a beast like that.

  5. turn off "chat" - it's intrusive :-) I hate it but I <3 Facebook (add me please am there under Margo Mayhew) xxx