Sunday, 27 June 2010

A post of two halves

At this time of year it appears to be traditional for widows' blogs to have a post whining about mowing the lawn.

Consider this my entry in this vein.
I am now officially fed up of cutting grass. It feels like painting the Forth Road Bridge with a watercolour brush.

There seem to be two alternatives. One is to spend the whole day mowing grass, trimming edges and cutting the veg garden paths. This is visually satisfying as, once done, the place looks great for a few days at least. It is also very, very boring and I spend the entire time drawing up mental lists of all the things I would rather be doing instead.
The other is to do a portion each day over the course of three or four days. This is a lot less tedious, but it does make the job feel never-ending, and it doesn't give quite the same satisfaction of a job well done.

I suppose another alternative would be to let it all go. Indeed I have neglected one out-of-sight area that is in danger of reverting to jungle, but if the rest goes the same way, it will just be too depressing for words.
Or I could get off my behind and fix the tyre on the big mower. That would speed up proceedings no end, but I am having a big fit of the "don't wannas" right now - it's not my job, and I don't see why I should do it. Particularly on my own. Even though I am only spiting myself and I will have to do it in the end.
I know how childish and petulant this sounds, but I am having problems leaving this attitude behind at the moment. At least the current dry spell means that the grass isn't growing quite as fast.


So now I have that out of my system, let's have some piglet photos!

The two chaps have discovered the big outside world.
As they had previously spent all their short lives indoors, it isn't too surprising that it took them few days to get used to the idea.
They also discovered that they rather like sweet potato!

Moose is totally obsessed with them.
The sheep can pass by within a few feet of him, and he won't even take his eyes off the pigs. I think I could leave him here staring at them all day.

The porkers seem to enjoy the company though.


  1. I can understand Moose, I'd be the same!

  2. I missed this post. My dog would be just like yours with the pigs. He does the same when we have turkeys, just spends his days on the other side of the fence staring at them and smilng. Once when we babysat a goat for some friends he tried and tried to play with the goat and eventually reverted to becoming a goat to fit in and spent most of his day next to the goat eating grass!

    Those pigs are beauties.

  3. The thought of your dog attempting to be a goat is just priceless!