Saturday, 8 May 2010


Well things look no more certain tonight than they did last night. But in some ways it feels better to know that it is out of our hands - it is now all down to the political horse-trading.

Unsurprisingly not a lot of work has been done today, and much of the time has been taken up with worrying, phone calls, e-mail and online conversations. With checking finances to find out how well I could weather a worsening financial crisis. With mentally running through lists of things that need to be done, paid or arranged in the near future.

One conversation made me feel better, though. It was with a friend who has good reasons to be concerned about the security of her own job if everything goes belly-up in the next few months. But her words made me smile, and helped to banish the feeling of foreboding that has been dogging my steps all day.

[It is a] total mess.
But the sun came out at about 5pm and I went for a wander around our paddock and looked at the veg starting to grow. It looks like we are going to have a cracking crop of soft fruit this year and the pigs are fattening up well. Made me think that whoever ends up in power, the sun's still going to come up, the fruit is still going to grow and the pigs are going to keep getting bigger. Helps get things in perspective for me.

And she's right.
I can't do anything to change things on a national scale, so all I can do is keep on keeping on.
At least I will eat well.

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