Sunday, 2 May 2010

Granny goes shopping

After much deliberation and far too many hours spent on online shopping sites, I finally swallowed my pride and bowed to the inevitable.

Animal prints just weren't me though, and there is probably too much cloned Cath Kidston in the world already. Wicker felt ever-so-slightly old maidish. So in the end I opted for one of these.
It is not exactly stylish, but it is light and manoeuvrable and pressed all the right buttons for me.
And I rather liked the idea of doing my shopping with relative ease while simultaneously saving turtles!

Trolley and I went for a test drive in town on Saturday.
I probably could have done with 'L' plates, but we managed. Stability was an issue at first, but nothing that couldn't be remedied by packing more symmetrically. It was very nice to get back to the car without aching shoulders, and I didn't find myself having urges to get a blue rinse or buy a packet of mothballs, so it looks as though I haven't aged 30 years overnight!

I guess that means it can be regarded as a success.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I had one of those
    when I was twenty. So there, nothing to do
    with grannys. Very common in the city. Only mine was
    the horrible cheap metal kind.

  2. Anonymous11:08

    *grin* I have a cheap and nasty one but we haven't been out on a date yet...I have mild muscular dystrophy and think it will be a great help before long,

    coffeee Sue @ DTE

  3. That does make me feel better, thank you!

  4. It's cute. That matters.

  5. Anonymous18:23

    Cute and good colour (highly visible to cars) I had an old 2nd hand purple one in my 20s. They are useful in the inner city areas. So no, they don't make you a granny - not by a long shot!

    Occasionally check the wheels - they can loosen and I've had one fall off while the dratted thing was full to the brim.

  6. Good advice, Anon. Not something I would have thought to check!