Saturday, 21 March 2009

New life

Last year I took the decision not to bring the ram in to visit my three ewes. There were lots of good reasons for this: my grass needs a bit of a rest this year so the fewer mouths grazing it the better, I need to buy some electric netting to keep my girls under control as they now have the measure of the three-stranded fence and I thought it would simply be easier with fewer feet to trim, vaccinations to administer, fleeces to shear, ...

It was the right decision. I know that in the sensible half of my brain. But now that my neighbours have started lambing in earnest and the air is full of bleating, and now that the next field is full of these little darlings, I am starting to regret it. I want some lambs of my own to waste hours watching. I know I can wander down to the bottom fence and watch from there, but it isn't the same.

Next year, perhaps.

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