Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I was feeling quite smug because I thought I had got away with it.
Most of my family had come down with the lurgy either at or around Christmas, but I sailed through the festive season in rude good health.

But now, ten days after they all went home, taking their sniffles, portable drug cabinets and soggy hankies with them, I can feel the achiness starting.

I really don't have time to be ill this week. Or at least not until Thursday when I have to deliver quite a large job to a new client. One I would like to impress, so calling in sick just isn't an option. Working freelance mostly makes for a wonderful life, with the flexibility to control the content of the day. But having no one who can take over the reins occasionally means keeping going when you would rather be tucked up in bed.

So, attempting not to think resentful thoughts about my friend whose husband managed to wangle a week working at home to look after her when she had 'flu, I have been preparing for a possible visit from Mr H1N1:

Extra bag of chicken feed bought - check
Friend to walk Moose if I can't get up - check
Table tennis match cancelled - check
Paracetamol - check
Boxes of tissues - check
Fire made up and ready to go - check
Adequate stores of honey, whisky and lemon - check
Hot water bottle beside the kettle - check
Big pot of soup made - check

This latter is essential if I am not actually on my deathbed. Soup to nourish and comfort.
There was no chicken immediately to hand, and I wasn't about to start exploring the icy depths of the freezer, so lamb bones would have to do. They make a lovely rich soup, with lots of instantly health-giving veggies and barley. Barley is one of my favourite comfort foods; it is easy to eat and digest and soaks up all the flavour of the stock. While I would rather have a gentle nursemaid here to soothe my fevered brow, magic soup will have to do instead.

Bring it on!
Well actually I would much rather it passed me by altogether, but at least I am ready for it. But not until Thursday, please.


  1. oh that looks delicious ... you can see that it's good for you AND yummy :-)

    Well done for getting prepared J - being ill these days is a nightmare without them here. When it was snowy and icy, I was terrified, each time I walked up the shop to buy essentials, that I would fall and break an arm, leg or ankle or wrist! The thought petrified me!

    I'm going to take the same approach next time I start to feel like a lurgy is going to attack, thanks for sharing :-)


    p.s. I hope you're not ill at all ;-)

  2. Good on you J for being so prepared, who knows you might skip past it.

  3. I love that expression "the lurgy." I don't like being stricken with it though. Hope you stay well.

  4. Now that you are prepared, it will most probably pass you by. Well done!