Monday, 8 February 2010

A simple equation

(R's Useful Wood collection, of which this is but a small selection.)

+ Y
(And I know it isn't in the ideal place, but I can't get to the work bench until I have dealt with the wood problem).


Aaaah. That's better.


  1. i love your wood stove; the brick and stone around it. it looks like a place i would like to come and sit. we had an old Kodiak that had a built in fan to push out the heat. Lord, it was lovely. i would lay on the floor in front of it reading to stay as warm as i could. i even melted the souls of a pair of shoes by resting them on it.

  2. I had a "useful" wood pile in my garage, along with about 100,000 other things that my husband treasured. I've reduced the amount of wood to that which looks useful to me, made a few trips to the dump and yet there are still 90,000 things in the garage that call out his name every time I pull my car in. What to do with all the stuff? I wish I knew.

    I love your stove. It's -27 degrees here this morning and I could use a toasty warm stove! Have a nice day.

  3. I didn't touch my husband's garage full of things for five years. Then I only did it because we were moving (downsizing) and I had no choice. There was so much wood in that garage in addition to what was part of the actual wood pile! And lots of boxes, jars and cans of all kinds of nuts, bolts and building things. It all went into the dumpster without any regrets on my part. I only wished I'd done so years earlier - but life circumstances prevented that.

    This weekend I took the plunge and greatly pared down boxes of old paperwork of my husband's. I can't get rid of everything but what I'm keeping is fitting on our book shelves instead of being stacked up in the storage shed. I somehow feel I've gotten to the place where I want and need to create a living space that honors the present and future while respecting the past.

    Well done for all your hard work in organizing and straightening. I truly know what a job this is!

  4. @WnS: I love my stove too. I live in a largely uninsulated stone house which is cooooold in the winter, so I spend a lot of time in front of that stove at this time of year. (Don't think I've ever melted my shoes though!).

    @Debbie: Ah stuff. When you find the complete answer to the stuff conundrum, please let me know! In the meantime, I guess we will have to keep on whittling it down.

    @WitM: Well done to you too. It sounds as though you have been very busy. It is a good feeling when you see the shelves all straight and tidy, and know you can easily get to the things that you want and love.

  5. Fortunately, I've no wood. I can't do carpentry to save my life.

    I do have quite a few spare rocks going, though...