Monday, 29 June 2009

The little things

R had quite dark, olive skin. I was always envious of the way he turned deep brown as soon as the sun came out, seemingly without even removing his shirt.
In contrast I have the fair skin of the Celt, and generally turn a fetching shade of lobster when first exposed to the sun's rays.

But despite his dark colouring, it was always R who worried about burning, and he was forever nagging me to put on a sunhat.

If he were still here, he would have doubtless suggested that a strappy top wouldn't be ideal for sitting in the sun watching an outdoor performance for two and a half hours.

He certainly wouldn't have let me wait as long as I did before slapping on the factor 30.

He would most likely have also had a spare shirt, after-sun and bottles of water in his bag just in case I ignored the first two pieces of advice.

And I wouldn't now have bright red and very sore shoulders.



  1. Anonymous23:38

    Hi J.,

    It's nice to read you today. I'm always shy to write because I'm not a widow nor have I lost no one in my life yet, and therefore have not suffered as you and the people who usually write to you in here (and also because my English is not that good). I met your blog by chance one day in March and since then I keep coming to see how you are doing. Always want to say hello but never know how. This "little things" post made me laugh, I really recognize the situation and the "I told you so" face while putting "not so gently" some after sun on my soulders.

    I'm glad you had a sunny day in Wales yesterday and hope your soulders are doing good :)

    I just wanted to say hello and tell that I always read you (but never use to know what to say).

    Hope you have more sunny days.


  2. H - Thank you so much for dropping in to say hello. I always wonder who reads my ramblings! And gives me such a feeling of support to know that there are people all around the world ready to hold my hand as I take this journey into the unknown.

    Amazingly it is still sunny in Wales, which really helps to keep me cheerful. (My shoulders are not quite so sore, but still quite red!)
    I hope the sun is shining on you too.
    J xx